Well done Year 6!

Where to even begin?

Well done Year 6 – during SATs week last week, you were impeccable both in learning attitude and behaviour. The whole school is so proud of you and how you handled yourself. Seeing your smiles at the end of everyday, showing the pride in your achievements was fantastic.  It’s lovely for teachers to hear children say that they actually come to enjoy SATs week as they like the challenge. NO we can’t do it every week!


As a celebration of the hard work the children have put in over the year, we had a teddy bear’s picnic on the last day of the SATs. The sun shone brilliantly for us and the teddies…and children loved it!



Now, we turn our attention back to our writing with some very exciting things ahead. Did someone say TRANSFORMERS?! We can’t wait to get back to writing after last week; show us what you can do Year 6!


Time to Shine

Well it won’t have gone unnoticed but SATs week has crept up on us at last. A huge thank you for all your help in supporting the children with both the booster and regular homework – the children’s efforts have been amazing and we are in admiration of the enthusiasm and hard work many children have demonstrated.

 The homework for this week (and next) is to enjoy themselves and relax!!! 

We aim to make next week a time for the children to shine and make the experience of testing a positive one as explained in our recent letter.
Dear Parents SATs Letter 2017

There will be a special treat on Friday – our famous Teddy Bear’s Picnic morning  – which will be discussed with children during the week.

We wish all our children the very best of luck. This is their time to SHINE!


Following In Darwin’s Footsteps : Year 6 Trip

To finish our work on evolution we visited Manchester Museum to examine fossils and investigate a dinosaur mystery. We had a fantastic time investigating animal skulls and skeletons just as Darwin would have done in order to spot the similarities and difference between organisms that built up to create his theory on the origin of the species.

We would like to thank our helpers for making our trip such an enjoyable one and congratulate our classes on their impeccable behaviour – no surprises there! – which even the museum staff commented on – WELL DONE YEAR 6!

Have a look at our videos to see what we discovered…


Eggs-cellent Creations

Yet again Year 6 have amazed us with their talents for the schools annual Easter Egg competition.

We were amazed by the creativity, care and imagination the children (our their helpers!) have demonstrated. Wow!

To ensure everyone’s efforts are celebrated we have included a chance to see the Year 6 entries below …



Mrs West’s Maths Group

We are really busy revising all areas of maths ready for our SATs.  Today we reminded each other about area. Do you know how to calculate the area of a rectangle? A triangle? A parallelogram? If not, just ask one of our expert mathematicians!



Red Nose Day 2017

As you can see from the sea of red, last Friday was Red Nose Day! Year 6 all looked super with crazy hair and in red clothes so thank you for supporting a great cause. During assembly our task was to make the rest of the school laugh, we decided to do something that came naturally to us… Some of us were cheeky monkeys! We behaved like animals- noises included- in front of the whole school. What great sports we were! A special shout out to the fish who was more than prepared to throw himself on the floor and flop about in the name of humour! I think it was the best thing we have seen this year!



Miss Cotton’s maths group

Reasoning is something we are working on at the moment in maths. Don’t forger G Hammond for quick daily boosts. We are trying  to increase our confidence and resilience when we are faced with a tricky problem. Teamwork has been really valuable in helping us to learn new strategies for tackling problems but our favourite technique has been ‘Graffiti maths’. This is where we have reviewed past papers by chopping them up and using colourful felt pens to annotate our logic around the problem. Have a look at our graffiti below…just don’t tell Mr Marsland we have been chopping up test papers and putting ‘graffiti’ on the walls!



Careers week 2017

This week, we have had a real focus on our future ambitions and goals as it was careers week. We have been visited by people from a range of different professions including an actress, electrical engineers, estate agents, creative directors, civil engineers, business compliance officers, travel agents, chefs and lighting engineers! It really has given us a flavour of the opportunities available to us when we get older.




World Book Day 2017

Wow! What a fun World Book Day – did you spot Wally around school? The children looked absolutely fantastic (as usual) so thank you so much to everyone involved in helping make the children look so wonderful! Our author, who has been the focus of our literacy work this week, is Susan Gates. She has written lots of books but we have focussed on 2 this week: ‘I runned away to sea’ and ‘Raider’; these books have helped us to plan and think about our own sea story. Have a look at some of our pictures in costume below:



Reading zones!


As part of the whole school drive to improve reading, each class were allocated a budget to create a reading corner or enhance their classroom to make it more reading- friendly. This was a very  valuable learning experience as we had to discuss as a class what we wanted, making sure all points of view were heard, stick within a budget and use a democratic system of voting to decide what the majority wanted. Take a look at some of the pictures of our ‘reading zones’ below!