Well done Year 6!

Where to even begin?

Well done Year 6 – during SATs week last week, you were impeccable both in learning attitude and behaviour. The whole school is so proud of you and how you handled yourself. Seeing your smiles at the end of everyday, showing the pride in your achievements was fantastic.  It’s lovely for teachers to hear children say that they actually come to enjoy SATs week as they like the challenge. NO we can’t do it every week!


As a celebration of the hard work the children have put in over the year, we had a teddy bear’s picnic on the last day of the SATs. The sun shone brilliantly for us and the teddies…and children loved it!



Now, we turn our attention back to our writing with some very exciting things ahead. Did someone say TRANSFORMERS?! We can’t wait to get back to writing after last week; show us what you can do Year 6!

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